General Questions

  • Who is Diligent?

    Diligent is the global leader in modern governance, providing software-as-a-service solutions across governance, risk, compliance and ESG. Serving more than 1 million users from over 25,000 customers around the world, Diligent empowers transformational leaders with technology, insights and confidence to drive greater impact and lead with purpose. Mutual fund directors may be familiar with its market-leading board portal technology, Diligent Boards.

  • Who is IDC?

    Independent Directors Council (IDC) represents independent directors who serve on the boards of mutual funds, exchange-traded funds, closed-end funds, and other registered investment companies. Through its mission focused on education, engagement, advocacy, and public understanding, IDC promotes excellence in fund governance for the benefit of funds and their shareholders.

  • What does the Diligent and IDC partnership entail?

    Through this partnership, candidates will be able to add their professional profile in Diligent Director Network and apply for open fund board positions. Fund boards in the IDC community will also have access to Director Network, allowing users to search for candidates and post open board opportunities. Access is provided free of charge for fund directors and fund boards in the IDC community.

  • What is Diligent Director Network?

    Director Network is a tool accessible through IDC for the fund board community to support diversity and inclusion in their nominating and governance processes. Fund boards can search for potential candidates across a database of thousands. Fund boards also can post open board opportunities.

For Fund Boards Seeking Candidates

  • How do I receive access to the Director Network?

    In order to search for a board candidate or to post an open opportunity, you will need to set up a profile on Director Network. Please use this form to provide some high-level information about yourself and your fund board. If you would like to have your LinkedIn profile information used to build your profile, please include your profile URL. You also may provide a resume for use in building your profile.


    From there, a Diligent representative will reach out directly to confirm additional details and provide you with credentials to access Director Network. For your security, the link for these credentials expires after 24 hours. They are unique to you and can be used to search the database for potential candidates and to post open roles related to your fund board. If other members of your fund board would also like access to Director Network, please use the same form for additional access.

  • I am an existing Diligent Boards user. Do I need to register for Director Network and will I need separate credentials to access Director Network?

    For Existing Diligent Boards Users

    As an existing Diligent Board user, you must register for Director Network to access it from your established account. After you register for Director Network, Diligent will confirm your access is set up properly and then notify you. The icon to access Director Network will appear on the navigation menu of your home screen the next time you log into Diligent. You can also access your Boards account from the Director Network login page by clicking ‘Sign in with Boards.’

  • Once I have credentials, how do I access Director Network?

    You can access Director Network by opening the URL,, in any web browser and entering your username and password, which you can set before the first login by following the link in the welcome e-mail. Please note that the link expires after 24 hours. You can also reset your password at any time by selecting the person icon from the upper right side of your screen and select ‘Change Password.’

  • How do I search for potential candidates for my fund board?

    The Search tab () contains a list of every candidate in Director Network. This tab contains powerful filter functionality that lets you quickly narrow down the candidates by various factors, including experience and demographics. You can also see which candidates have specifically stated their interest in joining a fund board.

    To access a broad range of filter options and narrow down the number of profiles shown, select the ‘All Filters’ button filter. To view a potential candidate’s profile, click on the person’s name.

  • How do I post an open board opportunity on behalf of a fund board?

    The ‘Opportunities’ tab on the black bar at the top of the screen shows a list of all current open board positions. To include a listing for an open position on your fund board, click the ‘Post New Opportunity’ button in blue on the left. You will be able to enter all the information about the open position, including a description of the fund complex and contact details for you or another board representative, such as outside counsel.

    Diligent may contact if additional information is needed for clarity before adding the opportunity to Director Network. Diligent will deliver any applicants to you via the contact information you provide. The contact information you provide will not be shared with applicants. Listings you post will be appear in your list of posted opportunities within the ‘Posted’ tab under “Opportunities” in the black bar at the top of the screen.


    Step 1:
    Enter the name of your fund complex and/or posting organization (e.g. law firm). Note these fields are optional.


    Step 2:
    Enter the job description and details of the posting. Note these fields are required.

    If “Location” is not applicable, please enter N/A.


    Step 3:
    Enter your personal contact details.

    For “Company Name” and “Position Title” you may enter the name of your fund complex and “Board Member” or, if you prefer, you may enter the latest company name you were employed by and your title preceded by “Former.”

    Note these fields are required but will not be shared with others


    Step 4: Enter the job posting contact details.

    You can either use your previously submitted information and mark yourself as contact for this job posting and/or include someone else’s contact details (e.g., outside counsel or an executive search firm representative).


    Step 5: Enter the job posting duration. A minimum of 60 days is required. Note this timeframe can be extended or cut short.


    Step 6: After you have reviewed your post and the terms of agreement, check the box and click ”Submit” for your post to be approved.

  • Can I post a board opportunity anonymously?

    Yes, you do not need to disclose your name or the name of the fund complex in your post. In the ‘Company Information’ section, under ‘Company Name’ or ‘Posting Organization Name’ simply describe the role and organization in high-level terms. For example, ‘Large Open-End Equity Mutual Fund Complex.’ Your contact information is not shared with applicants.

  • How do I refer a board-ready candidate so they have access to Director Network?

    Fund independent directors in IDC’s community, after creating a profile on Director Network, can refer diverse, board ready individuals to also have access to Director Network. From any page in Director Network, click on “Nominations” in the top bar to refer a colleague to join. The referral will be screened by Diligent’s analysts who will follow up directly with you as the “Nominator” or the potential candidate as the “Rising Director.” Once approved, the potential candidates can access the database to build their profile and search for opportunities.

Other Questions? 

For questions regarding posting an opportunity in Director Network, contact Shalace Gregg at

For questions relating to IDC and fund boards, please contact Lisa Hamman at

For questions about Diligent and access to its products, please contact our support team at