About IDC

Governing Council


  • Cynthia R. Plouché
    Independent Director, MassMutual Funds and Northern Trust Funds/Northern Trust Institutional Funds

Vice Chair

  • William R. Ebsworth
    Independent Director, Allspring Funds

Governing Council

  • Kathleen T. Barr*
    Independent Director, Professionally Managed Portfolios and William Blair Funds
  • John E. Baumgardner, Jr.
    Independent Director, Pioneer Funds
  • John V. Boyer
    Independent Director, Voya Funds
  • Pamela G. Carlton
    Independent Director, Columbia Funds
  • Gale K. Caruso*
    Independent Director, Matthews Asia Funds and Pacific Select Funds
  • Robert Chersi
    Independent Director, Thrivent Funds
  • Michael G. Clark
    Independent Director, Cohen & Steers Funds
  • Susan C. Coté
    Independent Director, SEI Funds
  • William R. Ebsworth*
    Independent Director, Allspring Funds
  • Michael A. Forrester
    Independent Director, Nuveen Funds
  • George J. Gorman
    Independent Director, Eaton Vance Funds
  • Cecilia H. Herbert
    Independent Director, iShares Funds
  • Mary Davis Holt
    Independent Director, American Funds
  • Cynthia Hostetler*
    Independent Director, Invesco Funds
  • Kym M. Hubbard
    Independent Director, PIMCO Funds
  • Hugh T. Hurley
    Independent Director, HSBC Funds and Oakmark Funds
  • Peter D. Jones
    Independent Director, MFS Funds
  • Patricia Louie
    Independent Director, Oakmark Funds
  • Mary Martinez
    Independent Director, J.P. Morgan Funds & ETFs
  • Eric T. McKissack
    Independent Director, FlexShares Trust and Morgan Stanley Pathway Funds
  • Margaret (Peg) McLaughlin
    Independent Director, SSGA Funds
  • Nancy M. Morris
    Independent Director, Diamond Hill Funds
  • Steven J. Paggioli*
    Independent Director, AMG Funds and Professionally Managed Portfolios
  • Cynthia R. Plouché*
    Independent Director, Northern Institutional Funds/Northern Funds
  • Kathryn L. Quirk
    Independent Director, Harbor Funds and Harbor ETF Trust
  • Karla M. Rabusch*
    Independent Director, Lord Abbett Funds
  • Ronald E. Toupin, Jr.*
    Independent Director, Guggenheim Funds
  • Dawn M. Vroegop*
    Independent Director, Brighthouse Funds
  • Gregory D. Weaver
    Independent Funds Director, Goldman Sachs Trust

*On the ICI Board of Governors

IDC Committees

The work of the Independent Directors Council currently is conducted by the following committees. The Independent Directors Council may form additional committees if the need arises.

Education and Communications Committee

The mission of the Education and Communications Committee is twofold. First, the committee aims to develop and promote a wide range of educational events, programs, and materials for independent fund directors. Second, it seeks to engage and involve independent fund directors in the activities of IDC, through enhanced communications, outreach efforts, and greater individual director involvement. The chair of the Education and Communications Committee is Karla Rabusch.

Governance Committee

The mission of the Governance Committee is to identify, evaluate and recommend to the Council candidates for membership in the Council. The Committee also establishes the governance principles by which the work of the Council will be conducted. The current chair of the Governance Committee is Kathleen Barr.

Policy Steering Committee

The mission of the Policy Steering Committee is identifying and recommending to the Council issues on which the committee believes the Council should develop a policy. The current chair of the Policy Steering Committee is Patricia Louie.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee manages the activities of the IDC and consists of the chair, Cynthia Plouché and the vice chair, William Ebsworth; each committee chair named above; and three at-large members: John Boyer, Pamela Carlton, and Michael Forrester.