IDC Connections

Increasing diversity and inclusion (D&I) on fund boards is a key goal of the Independent Directors Council. IDC has undertaken a number of initiatives to further this goal. Now IDC is piloting a program to connect board-ready diverse candidates with members of the IDC community who can spend 30 minutes to share experiences and offer guidance.

Diverse Board Ready Candidates

If you are a diverse board ready candidate who wants to be matched up with a seasoned independent director for a 30-minute conversation, please submit this form. IDC will seek to match you with a seasoned fund independent director based on interests, location, or other possible commonalities. No specific outcomes are guaranteed, and IDC reserves the right to limit participation in the program. IDC staff will ask for a follow up email with your feedback after you connect with the fund independent director.

Seasoned Independent Directors

If you are a seasoned independent director who is interested in helping promote fund board diversity and can engage in a 30-minute conversation with a diverse board-ready candidate, please let us know by submitting this form. Conversations could cover, for example, skills that are important to hone for a board role, resume tips, and insights into governance processes. By volunteering to participate, you are indicating your willingness to have IDC staff match you with a candidate and for a conversation. IDC staff will confirm your availability to connect with a candidate in a 30-day timeframe and ask for a follow up confirmation email with your feedback after you connect with the candidate.

What Is IDC Connections?

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