News Release

News Release

ICI to Unveil Weekly Reports on ETF Net Issuance

Washington, DC, April 25, 2016—The Investment Company Institute (ICI) will begin issuing a new report on weekly estimated exchange-traded fund (ETF) net share issuance, offering increased insight into this popular and growing market.

The first weekly estimated ETF report will be released on Tuesday, April 26, and will cover ETF data through April 20, 2016. ICI will also make historical weekly and monthly ETF issuance data available for the past year on the ICI website.

“Demand for ETFs has grown markedly, as investors—both institutional and retail—increasingly turn to them as investment options,” said Shelly Antoniewicz, ICI senior economist. “ICI is pleased to be able to provide more extensive data on this evolving market to help promote greater understanding of ETFs.”

Subsequent weekly reports will be released on Tuesdays, including data through the previous Wednesday. The weekly estimated ETF net share issuance data also will be combined with ICI’s weekly estimated long-term mutual fund flows in a new consolidated report released each Wednesday. ICI’s weekly estimated long-term mutual fund flows will continue to be published every Wednesday.