Indemnification and Insurance

Fund independent directors generally have two potential protections against liabilities to which they may be subject by reason of their service as directors:

  • fund indemnification; and
  • directors and officers (D&O) insurance (which in the fund industry, is often coupled with “errors and omissions” (E&O) insurance).

Fund indemnification generally allows independent directors to be paid from fund assets for legal expenses and other financial liabilities they may incur as defendants or non-party witnesses in fund-related regulatory investigations, regulatory proceedings and/or civil litigation.  D&O insurance generally affords a second line of potential protection for fund independent directors against such liabilities. Although funds are not legally required to purchase D&O or E&O insurance, most funds do.

Independent director liability (IDL) insurance is another type of insurance that some fund groups purchase.  IDL insurance is a stand-alone insurance coverage that affords liability protection solely to independent directors, and is designed to supplement the liability protections afforded to them by fund indemnification and D&O/E&O insurance.

Third Party Resources

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